Internet of Things

Digitalization, Industry 4.0, Ambient Assisted Living, Smart Home, Smart City... are key words filling conference proceedings, newspapers and increasingly our shops. Related new business models change the way we generate revenues and profits.
And behind of all this stands the ability to sense the real-world, to collect data and analyze big number of data and to steer and control machines, vehicles and processes of all kind.
This is called the Internet of Things (IoT)

Our goal is to enable you to implement Internet of Things applications easily, fast and reliably. Therefore, we have created the SIOT plattform, which is

  • simple: it‘s not complex, because we did think a lot to make it easy ... get started in minutes!
  • secure: we address consequently all aspects of security
  • smart and sound by concept
  • systematic and structured by implementation
  • Swiss: we host the application and data in Switzerland, independent from the rest of the world

We call this the “S”-way to implement the internet of things

Your SIOTcenter on

is created and operational on a secure cloud server in a few seconds only. It connects sensors, actuators, big data information, dashboard widgets and intelligent cloud applications and enables communication in real time. And it stores all data of interest securely and over long time. You operate your SIOTcenter using a management cockpit and you keep track on all configurations and data flows

Sense and control the real world using ...

... the sensors of your SmartPhone, ist camera, microphone, speaker and screen

... the hardware devices of one of our partners

... or simply by connecting any other device to SIO

Your hadware device can be connected with least efforts


The tools hosted on help you to create dashboard and analysis applications in minutes and without the need for deep programming skills.

Dashboards are rather configured than programmed: select widgets from a menu, configure the look and feel and connect them to sensors or actors – FINISHED!

Using the industry leading NodeRED platform, you can graphically create your data analysis application and connect it the to inputs and outputs of your SIOTcenter.

It‘s really easy and fast – TRY IT OUT!

What SIOT can do for you

  • Easy connect sensors, devices and applications to central SIOTcenter
  • Enjoy high security for your data offered by Swiss data centers
  • Create your dashboards by drag & drop from a widget library
  • Create your IoT application using graphic programming plattforms
  • Short time to market
  • High robustness of apllications


Although difficult and challenging, SIOT allows you to create complex and demanding IOT applications in a structured way and within a very short time!
Coming Soon