The use of SIOT offers great benefits, but it also creates some costs. These related costs depend on various parameters, as follows:

  • number of connected inputs & outputs
  • size oft he database for long-term storage of data
  • bandwidth oft he related IoT traffic
  • service level defined in the service level agreement (SLA)


The use of SIOT is paid via SIOTcredits. And there are different ways, how you can get SIOTcredits:

  • as a student or research lab of university of applied science Bern (BFH), you get SIOTcredits free of charge (please contact us).
  • as an eqipment manufacturer, you can bundle the use of SIOT together with the purchase of your equipment hence enable your customers to use a cloud IoT solution (please contact us).  
  • and you can buy SIOTcredits via

Good news: during the current pilot trial phase, you can obtain SIOTcredits fee of charge on
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