Because it is difficult to address the challenges of effective real-time data communication, robustness and security while interfacing all kinds of peripheral devices („Things“) and applications, we have decided to invent one plattform, which is suitable, easy to use and effective for many different applications.

We want to do it right – and only one time. 

The SIOT plattform gives to you ...
... an effective way to interconnect devices and applications
... a system architecture addressing security and robustness
... tools to administrate your devices and to oversee the core of your system
... tools to create dashboard and analysis applications easy and by drag & drop
... a robust, reliable and continuous plattform for mission-critical applications

The SIOT plattform allows you ...
... to create an IoT application within minutes
... to connect your devices within hours
... to host your IoT application and data repository exclusively in a Switzerland.

We name this IoT plattform SIOT becuase the „S“ stands for:

  • Simple
  • Secure
  • Smart
  • Systematic and Structured
  • Swiss and Switzerland
Coming Soon