A SIOTcenter is the heart of your SIOT system. It ist he central and secure „junction“ for all data exchanged between hardware devices and applications. It ist he central „fort knox“ for your mission-critical data that shall be stored for long times.

Basically an SIOTcenter consists of 
(1) a broker, which supports a real-time publish/subscribe communication paradigm (currently using  MQTT)
(2) directories of all connected input and output devices
(3) a database storing all data, which need to be available long term

You can communicate with the SIOTcenter in real-time using the MQTT protocol, or you also can post data using RESTful web services. Accessing the data stored in the SIOTcenter database is possible based on RESTful web services.

The SIOTcenter is brought to you in different ways and formats:
-    Use one of our various cloud plattforms, such as, or
-    Get your private cloud implementation
-    Get the software for deployment on your server (runs even on a Raspberry Pi!)  

In addition, we provide tools to create dashboards „plug & play“, applications for analyzing your data using graphical programming techniques. And we provide Apps for Android and iOS, which turn your smartphone into sensor centers!

An increasing number of 3rd party suppliers offer gateways and devices ready-made for use with SIOT; please refer to (link to gateway)

The interface to SIOT is structured and easy to use (see link to SIOT handbook); it allows you to connect your devices and hand-crafted applications with a programming effort of a few hours.
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