Since 1992, the Internet has totally changed our lifes by offering new applications such as www, mail, social media, VoIP, iTV, web shopping and many more. The Internet of Things (IoT) will continue to revolutionize our lives. It allows to connect and network smart devices – i.e. „Things“ – via the Internet. Things can „sense“ real-world attributes, like temperatures, vibrations etc. and can interact with physical processes, such as machines and other equipment. Such „real-world“ data can be remotely visualized, processed traditionally or applying artificiel intelligence (AI), and the results will allow optmizing processes and make more diligent decisions.
The application areas for IoT are numerous: Industry 4.0, Assisted Ambient Living (AAL), Supply Chain Management (SCM), farming, traffic management, control and surveillance of buildings and homes, energy management, smart grids, traffic management ... There is no industry and business, which would not be fundamentially affected and transformed by IoT! 

IoT is a disruption – you cannot ignore it!

Therefore, every business, including your business, faces the challenge: 
how can I effectively build an IoT system for my business. How can Things be connected to applications? How can the large amounts of data be stored and retrieved efficiently? How can mission-critical applications made robust and redundant? How can the transmission be made secure? How can the privacy of our data be guaranteed?
For some people, IoT looks simple and like a playgound. But is by far not trivial for all mission-critical applications, such as for instance controlling a city, an energy supply network, an industrial plant or assisting handicapped and elerly people.

Therefore we want to address the challenges of IoT with a systematic, structured, smart and secure way while still cutting out unnecessary complexity. And we want to do it right with one approach for many different applications. And we want to make a complex topic simple and effective.

That’s why we create SIOT plattform!
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