A: How the manifest should look like? (example)
"name":"Geoposition Input",
"type":"sensor", - sensor or actor
"name":"Zone name",
"description":"Geoposition Input",
"valueType":"json", - or int, float, string, text, boo, file, binary, timestamp…
"jsonMapping":{ - if valueType is json
"longitude":"float", - key and type
"file":{ - if valueType is file
"type":"image" - image, mp3, text, wav
"size":42563, - bytes
"date":1450774319932 - timestamp
A: Can I use mosquitto from command lines?
You can use:
mosquitto_sub -h broker -t 'topic' -v to subscribe on certain topic, or:
mosquitto_sub -h broker -t 'topic' -m "Message" to publish on certain topic
Coming Soon